Welcome to the tracking Wiki!

Bettina, Joanna and Rocio from the MSc in AI at the Edinburgh University, graduated in 1992 created this page to look for their classmates, … so here we go.


If you are an alum, please go to the list of alum and create a page for yourself, or else fix the page if someone else has given links to you or something. Please edit the pages of anyone else you know anything about, even if it is just a few clues so we can go look for them.

We have pretty much given up on a live reunion (though you can still make suggestions). But we hope to keep this site as a sort of ongoing reunion in web 2.0

We need to get people to not only edit their own pages, but also all contact a few other people & edit their pages. If people are having trouble with the wiki interface then you could either read the instructions ;-) or email me.

Please tag pages with contact details so we can more easily email people if they want to be contacted. The two tags we have so far are "contact-info" — if there's a way to contact someone & "self-edited", if someone built or corrected the page themselves.

There is now a Facebook group too. If you are finding this wiki too hard to edit despite your high-tech MSc, or if you just want to make your Facebook profile cooler, then please join us!

Going now towards the 4th year since we started trying to get the reunion, if it is going to happen in Web 2.0 what would be the best way, for some reason many do not like the Wiki, in Facebook, people tend to get a bit passive as well, … any suggestions? if so write to us, write them on the Facebook group! share them with the the Twitter button on the top bar!

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