Edmundo Robert Hernández

Rocio: I have found the following information: Edmundo Hernández
Assistant Director, Overseas Relations Wivenhoe Park Colchester CO4 3SQ
e-mail: ku.ca.xesse|venreh#ku.ca.xesse|venreh
I have sent an email to see if it is the right Edmundo, waiting for an answer (011006)
Got quick reply, it happened to be another Edmundo Hernandez, but he wishes us good luck in the search!!
Still looking for Edmundo…, Giovanni Pettinaro has given me this address xm.moc.sixarp|hre#xm.moc.sixarp|hre, I have sent an
email there.
=========SUCCESS======== (031006)
I have received an email from Edmundo, so we'll see him here soon!

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