Edmundo Robert Hernandez


Its really exciting getting back in touch with you guys. I support all along the idea of having this reunion in 2007, lets hope we all make it!!!

About me, after 92. I got back to Mexico to work for my previous company Softtek, in an AI comercial group. Later on this group switched to more general stuff given the fact that the possibilities were kind of slim for AI development. In 96 we went on to create a new company called Praxis ([http://www.praxis-it.biz]), which we haven't finished yet (fortunatelly).

We are doing lots of interesting sw projects and it seems that we are ready to go international. One step at the time, we are thinking first of USA and latinamerica.

I live with Ana Laura (for 13 years now) and have three kids: Mariana (11), Edmundo (7) and Arturo (1).

I have lots of questions for all of you, congratulations to our brave organizers…

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