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Does it make more sense to do this here or on the alum pages? I think it is added incentive to get people to edit their alum pages if they can erase a lot of speculation. But maybe some people would be intimated? As long as we keep saying "hopefully s/he will replace this page" maybe it will be OK.

Re: The tracking process by joannajoanna, 20 Aug 2007 18:50

and so I have - albeit a little later than I expected

I had email from Taehee today, I don't know why his email bounced last week, maybe it looked too much like spam when I mailed a bunch of people.

I tracked down Mike Tipping & know why his email bounced.

I was visiting Nick & Rachel (Nick refused to do his own page so I've done a quick one for both of them) and Rachel ran into Sam on the street outside, getting out of a taxi! Sam has now promised to post…

I have tried the following names without much luck:

Anthony Blake
Mary Salib
Dave Wren (I tried his aifh mail account as Joanna still has access to her aisb one, but didn't work)
Edgar Ramirez-Dominguez
Nam-Seog Park (a picture of him and Family on the graduation day won a Price, at that time he was working in the US)
Taehee Kim, …..
It would be highly appreciated if you have any information on the above.

Welcome to the Forum
The tracking process has started, and I hope we can interchange information here. We can have threads on "difficult" cases etc.

The tracking process by rChongtayrChongtay, 03 Oct 2006 01:01
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