Ilona Bellos (now Morison)

Great to hear about a reunion and thanks to Rocio and pals for wanting to organise it.

I am now Ilona Morison - married on 1993. After finishing the Msc I went straight into publishing at Chambers Harrap in Edinburgh where I looked after the computer systems and computerised their compilation to print system (which was non existant before). I left them in 1998 to set up my own company trying to convince companies to switch to multilingual websites. I seem to have been too early (at least for the small companies) and just ended up doing general website. Oddly I bumped into Phil Kime when working at Edinburgh University Press.Check out cinefile.
I also let my love of cinema take over the computing side and set up in 2000 a film distribution company releasing feature films in the UK and Eire and created our own DVD label in 2003. See The company so far has specialised in foreign language movies.
I also co-direct the French Film Festival UK which is now in its 15th year. Joined them in late 90's.
Check out the french film festival website.

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