Rocio A Chongtay

After we finished the masters I continue with the PhD in Artificial Intelligence, still at the Edinburgh University, it was on Pattern Recognition and Image processing (Biomedical Images). I was then invited to work in a Medical Diagnostics company in Denmark and therefore I moved to this scandinavian country since the end of 1997. In Denmark I have also worked for an Interactive TV company and a mobile operator company (Orange).
Then I felt nostalgic about academia, I was yearning to do edge technology related research, so I accepted a position at the Institute for Business Communication and Information Sciences at the Southern University of Denmark, it was a very nice place to work but a little too far from Copenhagen where I currently live, so when I got invited to work at a Mobile Search company (Mobile People), I accepted and have been happily working there since March 2006. Denmark is a great country to live in, so this has been my home country for the last 8 years.
Email: moc.liamg|yatgnohc.oicor#moc.liamg|yatgnohc.oicor

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