Suggestions For The Reunion

Bettina thinks we should meet in Edinburgh during the festival.

Joanna thinks this is a great idea, but wonders about accomodation. Should we block book at (noooo!) some dorm? Should we each try to find a place by ourselves? Should we try to find one B&B & all go there?

Joanna thinks maybe we should have a reunion dinner (or ceilidh!) on a Saturday night & then whoever can stay for the whole week we can see some shows together. She already organized a ceilidh once herself in The Counting House (above the Blind Poet / Pear Tree) but it looks like that space is used as a venue during the festival now (the fringe has grown…)

Rocío thinks it is a great idea to have the reunion in Edinburgh, but not sure that it should happens during the festival, on the other hand that would be the turistic atraction if our ex-classmates bring family, etc.

I think the touristic side of the Festival would be a great anchor for the reunion. In any case Joanna's idea is perfect since it links the reunion to the festival with a safer margin for accomodation. Edmundo

I'd be up for a festival meet too. Sam

We've missed 2007 so I've renamed the tab & come up with an excuse for 2008. — Joanna

Could I suggest 9 August 2008? I'm going to be in Edinburgh the previous week anyway for the international primate society meeting. Joanna

I assume we missed 2008 reunion, any suggestions?…. Rocio

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